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LED and LCD Screens – What’s the Difference and Does it Matter?

The main differences are;

  • LCD screens need to be used with a screen inverter which provides the high voltage needed to produce a viewable display. LED screens don’t need this high voltage so don’t have an inverter.
  • LCD use more power than LED which means battery life is better with the latter. This is obviously one reason why manufacturers generally use LED screens in new models.

How Can You Tell Which Type of Screen Your Laptop Has?

  • Both types generally look the same when fitted so it’s very hard to tell.
  • Even when cracked both screens look the same so that doesn’t help you identify which type is fitted.
  • On some laptops you are able to gently prise the plastic screen bezel from bottom of the screen and see if a screen inverter is fitted. The inverter is a small rectangular circuit board that looks like this.

Rotherham Laptop screen repair Repair

  • But BE CAREFUL not to break the bezel and don’t stick anything into the space…

Why Does it Matter What Type of Screen My Laptop Has?

  • LCD and LED screens are not interchangeable so you can’t swap them over. Strangely, manufacturers often use both types of screen in the same laptop range.
  • LED screens are becoming the standard which is making LCD replacement screens more expensive to replace.

All interesting stuff I’m sure you’ll agree…

About the Author Hi I’m Andrew Marriott an IT & Creative Solutions Specialist that owns Rotherham (UK) based computer Repair Company A.J.R Computing & Rotherham Laptop Repair I also own and operate AJR Designs and iRevive it. I have over 10+ years of experience in the private and public sectors hold numerous credentials from CompTIA and Microsoft to numerous City & Guilds distinction level qualifications, I am a professional member of the ACRBO (Association of computer repair business owners) as a professional member I pledge to follow the code of conduct. I have always had a passion for Technology, Web / Graphic Design and photography from a young age. I consider myself a technical & creative person with a passion to help others , I work hard and play harder, I'm driven and full of passion, Technology, Web & Graphic design / development and creative photography are areas I am really passionate about. I’m constantly pushing myself to learn new things and keep on top of the ever changing industry, I want to further my experience with every passing day, and you never stop learning and should constantly try to further yourself. If you become satisfied you become complacent and I want to constantly be pushing myself forward. You can reach out to me, I will respond as soon as I can! No strings attached, no obligation, reach out and say something, anything, just be yourself, be real!